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David S.

Rewarding and Enjoyable Chat

I wanted Barbara's opinion on a number of topics in a long chat. I love her logic and reasoning and consider it valuable. She makes very much sense. We share many of the same beliefs and on other subjects I am fascinated with her perspective. I will incorporate her great wisdom within my own faith. She was very alert during a long conversation. She can quickly formulate her responses over some fairly deep concepts. She was prompt in calling and put forth very good effort in trying to be helpful. I want to use her as a mentor so will do the Truthertalk again.

Megin W.

Awesome Experience!

Truther Talk is such a fantastic service. Barb is so kind and welcoming. I really appreciate how she creates a safe place for discussion on topics that many people might find too "out there". She truly made me feel welcome, heard, and cared for. I walked away feeling very positive because she helped me have a way to vocalize my thoughts and work through them in a non-judgemental environment. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to me and let me share thoughts in a positive, respectful, and affirming atmosphere.

Leigh W.


Two hours with Barbara went by easily. Seeking truth since 2015 has been a pretty lonely journey, so it was nice to discuss some of the topics that most people will not even bother listening to. Even though we agree and disagree on things, Barbara does a good job of listening and providing feedback in an understanding way, without being judgmental. I've never spoken personally to someone who I only "know" through the internet but, I was led to book an appointment and I'm glad I did.

Janet .

Have we been lied to?

On this journey, there are many times we are encouraged to keep the status quo because it's difficult for others to see us change and grow without them becoming defensive. This can keep those of us who truly want the truth limited in our search. Barbara is someone who can speak on a number of subjects but doesn't talk down or present her ideas as the only ones acceptable. I encourage anyone who is questioning the narrative and doesn't have a friendly ear to give Barbara a call. I also think it is our responsibility to support those on the walk with us in any way we can, whether through prayer and fasting or monetary support. Blessings to all.

Eric S.

Worth it

Had a good 2hr. talk with Barb that seemed to fly by. I was able to present new information freely that I wanted someone more equal in learning and seeking Father's Truth to bounce these ideas off with. Good listener and knew when and what to contribute to our discussion. Several things I know we disagree on were avoided by both of us which enabled focus on the new info I presented. Well worth it.

Jonathan H.


It was such a great experience! I have followed Barb for a while and when I saw this was available I had to act. It's is one thing to message or send text but to have the ability to talk one on one with someone who is running in the same vein or who is like minded, it is another. Conversing opens up a whole nother doorway of understanding and the confirmation I was given on a great many things I had questions about has helped further guide me in the direction of a positive future. It has helped me with strained relationships to bring about peace so my friendships can grow, re-enforced what I was feeling about situations that are going on in The Kingdom, and helped clear up questions I have had about the direction of my business . Thank you again Barb. Looking forward to more conversations in the future.

Katie B.


I am so thankful for Barb. I have gotten to know her a bit through her informative YouTube videos and Facebook posts and recently I was able to speak with her via phone call. I left mainstream Christianity about a year ago and, though I have found a deep sense of purpose and a direction, I have felt very much alone. Barb's wealth of knowledge and gentle, caring spirit have been a balm to my own spirit. She is soft spoken, nonjudgmental, and genuinely compassionate. She listened carefully to me and then spoke with wisdom and authority. The hour long phone call seemed to pass in only a minute! If you're looking for a friend, a fellow truther to walk with you on this journey, I suggest you give Barb a call. She will recommend resources, share her experiences, and make you feel like you're not alone anymore. I also firmly believe that our Father has raised Barb up publicly to be a loving beacon of hope to His children; therefore, I consider it a joy to support her financially and I'd encourage others to pray about doing the same! Shalom!

Lisa B.


I took a chance with calling Barb after reading her eloquent and humble comments on Facebook truther group pages and eventually becoming friends with her. I felt so relieved to know I wasn't the only one thinking and "hearing" the same things. The interaction just flowed and Barb didn't overpower the conversation with her vast knowledge of multiple truther topics. Barb is engaging and honest; two attributes that are rare these days.

Kasey H.

Just looking for "truth"

When I first seen this I almost didn't do it because of pride. Although after swallowing my pride and scheduling an appointment, I can say it was money well spent. Just to be able to talk with someone that is not condescending was breath of fresh air. Barb is a great listener and I was able to talk freely with her on various different truth topics I had been researching and got some great feed back. I can honestly say that it made my day to speak with someone who has looked into the same topics I had with an open mind. I highly recommend calling Barb its a win win. People helping people doesn't get much better than that in my books. Thanks again Barb. Kasey H



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